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One of the most important things a Christian can do is pray.

It doesn't have to be something that is complicated and difficult and it is something we can do anywhere at any time.

We have a prayer request box in the Gathering Area in the church building and our prayer group usually meets at 8am on Saturday mornings there.  Anyone is welcome to come along.

We also have an online Zoom prayer meeting, usually on the last Wednesday evening of each month at 7.30pm.

If you have any prayer requests or would like more information about our prayer groups, simply send an email to


Prayer Bulletin – April 2024

1st Let us pray for the success of all SU and other Christian camps and events over

Easter, asking God to use them to change lives. Also pray for energy, encouragement

and wisdom for all leaders who are vital to the camps. Give thanks for many lives saved

in the past at such camps. During the Easter Holidays pray for any children for whom

home is not a safe or happy place.

Remember young people who struggle with poor mental health. Pray that the long

waiting list for a referral to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) may

reduce soon. Give thanks for "The Haven" and all they good work they do in Tranent.

2nd Open House meet today and we give thanks for the team who put on this weekly

meeting and for all the older members of our congregation and parish who attend.

Easter week is a physically and spiritually demanding time for Katherine and all

ministers. Pray for strength, joy and peace for Katherine and others in full-time ministry,

as well as fresh energy and inspiration.

3rd The Pool Group meets today in the Church Hall and we ask that all will enjoy their

time together.

Give thanks for the Trypraying campaign and may it have a powerful impact on many

who see the adverts on buses and posters throughout Edinburgh and other cities. Ask

God to again send His Holy Spirit into our parish in a powerful way and for there to be a

new revival in Scotland.

4th We give thanks that Jesus did not stay dead and that three days later He rose

having paid the price for our sin. Please pray that God will speak to all in Tranent and

Elphinstone with this message. Please pray that God will protect, nourish and grow the

'seeds' of faith that have been planted during our Easter events.

5th Please pray that God will speak to children and their families through the Easter

holidays. We pray that all who work in schools will benefit from their time and return to

work refreshed.

Pray for our political representatives at Westminster, Holyrood and in East Lothian. Pray

that they would understand the priority they need to give to make huge changes in areas

of travel, food production and heating buildings. Pray that we may be active citizens and

take appropriate action where we are able to influence policies and decision making in

these vital areas for future generations.

6th This morning our weekly prayer meeting is held. Give thanks for those who prepare

the material for the meeting and give thanks that our living and loving Father hears all

our prayers.

We continue to pray for peace in Ukraine and the Middle East. Thank our Lord for the

tireless work of Sunflower Scotland as it provides vital supplies to the suffering people of


7th Thank our loving Father that we can meet this morning for fellowship and to

worship God. Give thanks and pray for Rev Dr Ann Allison as she leads us in


Keep in your prayers our Growing Young team as they explore new ways to

reinvigorate and grow our church and for the Youth Club which meets tonight.

8th Mark 16 v 6 states “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He

has risen!”. Let us pray that we declare this in our words and actions and that all who

are looking for Jesus will know that He is risen so that death has been conquered and

we can live life to the full. May we be given the strength to boldly speak this truth.

9th We pray for encouraging and heart-warming conversation as Open House meets

this morning.

Our Guild meets today with a speaker from some of the local youth organisations that

use our Church Hall. May those present be encouraged and continue to uplift this youth

work in their prayers.

10th Ask for all in the Pool Group to feel the pleasure of fellowship as they meet this


Praise God for all the amazing opportunities for our church and other Christian

organisations to partner with His people throughout our wonderful town. Pray for even

greater unity and passion for His name and glory, never our own.

11th We pray for the important work of the Care Van operated by Edinburgh City Mission

and Bethany Christian Trust. Pray for homeless people who make use of this ministry

which gives them a hot meal, warm clothing and blankets to help them through the cold

days and nights, together with dignity. Pray that their lives may be changed and turned

towards God.

12th Today let us each of us look at the headlines in the news and use the stories as a

focus for our prayer.

We pray for God to bring an end to domestic violence in our country and that all caught

in abusive relationships will be able to break free and find a much brighter future with

Jesus in their hearts. We pray for the residents and staff in the care homes and

sheltered housing in Tranent and give thanks for being able to hold a service in Tranent

Care Home this afternoon.

13th We ask for God, according to His will, to grant the requests given to him at the

Prayer Meeting this morning. May we always remember to give thanks to God for all the

blessings He has given us by His immense grace.

Pray also for the children and young people on waiting lists for hospital appointments

especially those awaiting surgery. Give thanks for the work of all in the Scottish NHS

and ask God to guide those in charge and grant them wisdom that they may find a

solution to clearing the backlog.

Give thanks for the litter picking team who will meet this morning.

14th May we all be spoken to and blessed by the Bible readings and Katherine’s

sermon and may we consider it for the rest of this week.

Please pray for all those who are involved in teaching our youngsters in the

Teenage Gathering and J Club, that they will honour and glorify God through their

testimony and show that Jesus is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Prince of

Peace. May all the children enjoy their times together.

15th We give thanks for the service of Shirley Billes as our youth worker and we pray for

blessing on Shirley and her family in the next stage of their lives. We ask for God to

bring to us the right person to take this work forward in Tranent and Elphinstone so

youngsters in our area can continue to learn of the great works of God.

16th Give thanks for the team at Open House and may they continue to experience

great satisfaction as they serve Christ in our community by putting on this important time

for free each week.

We pray again for all the work of Crossreach. We give thanks for The Dick Stewart

Project in Glasgow which provides justice services, supported accommodation and

offers support with independent living skills for long-term prisoners leaving prison. Pray

for the schools in our Parish as the young people and staff return after the Easter break.

May all know a fresh start for the summer term and be encouraged in their learning.

17th We pray for all in Pool Group as they play sport and chat this morning.

Urban Saints (formerly Crusaders) has been sharing the Gospel with children and young

people for over 115 years, with a group meeting in Prestonpans at the Lighthouse

Church. Give thanks to God for all of these years of faithful service and the many lives

changed. It is wonderful that the Urban Saints team are still passionate about reaching

all children and young people as they share the Good News through groups, holidays

and missions. Pray that their groups, camps and missions will continue to make disciples

of Christ for many more years.

18th Our Presbytery asks us to pray for the Leadership, Kirk Session and all involved in

the life of the communities of Coldstream and District Parishes linked with Eccles and

Leitholm (who held a combined Easter Day service, especially for families and children)

and also Dalkeith St John’s Kings Park & Newton (with their youth work, summer BBQ

outreach, holiday clubs and the annual Alpha course).

19th Please uplift in prayer to God all the persecuted Christians in the world. May they

continue to stand firm in the faith despite the hard times they face. Ask God to reveal

Himself to them so they know He is with them every step of the way during their time of

suffering because of their faith in Him, especially those mourning a lost loved one or

those who are in jail. May God continue to provide all the resources needed to the

organisations that support our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

20th We pray for our weekly prayer meeting today. Let us all continue to pray to our

Lord and spend time listening to what He may be saying to us..

Pray that Christians working or active in every area of society will pray for their

workplace at least once each week and that these prayers will combine to change the

spiritual atmosphere, making it easier to share testimony and to speak about Jesus.

May God comfort all those going through tough times in their working circumstances.

21st Please ask our caring Father to bless our morning worship today, led by

Katherine. May we all be encouraged and challenged by the words of the sermon,

prayers and hymns. We know that our Lord is present wherever two or more are

gathered in His name – may we all feel His presence with us.

May God continue to provide our J Club leaders with energy and wisdom so that J

Club continues to give the children a solid foundation which will stay with each

youngster for the rest of his or her life. Pray for the Youth Club which meets in

the Church Hall tonight.

Pray again for the residents and staff in the care homes and sheltered housing in

Tranent and give thanks for being able to hold a service in Crookston Care Home

this afternoon.

22nd Remember the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo whose troubles have

missed being reported in the news because it is not officially a war zone but which

however is plagued with violence with up to 120 armed gangs operating. Bring them

peace in this time Lord.

23rd We pray for lots of laughter and joyful conversations at Open House this morning.

Today the Guild welcome a speaker from Homes for Good, one of the Guild national

projects which finds homes for vulnerable children. We pray for a great time together in

what is the last meeting of our Guild until later this year.

24th May all the Pool Group have a good time together and may more people be added

to the group over the coming weeks.

Pray for the work of the Fa’side Community Kitchen.

Give thanks for those who reach out with the Gospel through music and the arts. Give

thanks for organisations such as Origin and Cutting Edge Theatre as their members use

their God-given skills and abilities to bring glory to His name.

25th Please pray for those in need of support through the East Lothian Foodbank, that

their situations will be turned around and stability will enter their lives. Pray that our

congregation will continue to bring in many items of food for the Foodbank so more

people can receive the food and other help that they need in their difficult circumstances.

26th Thank our Lord for everyone who contributes to our church life - be it in prayer,

preaching, cleaning, teaching, building maintenance, serving coffee, counting the

offering, serving as elders, music, checking the accounts, pastoral visits, audio visual

and many other ways. May God bless them all for their ministry.

27th May all those who are able to attend and enjoy fellowship at the Prayer Meeting as

we lift to our amazing Lord our concerns, requests and gratitude. Give thanks that God

hears all our prayers and answers them in His own wisdom and perfect timing. Pray we

continue to use the blessing of prayer wisely.

Pray for the Kirk Session as it meets this morning to pray and reflect on the way forward

for our church.

May we all be excited about all God has in store for us as we seek to share our faith with

those around us in our community.

28th Please pray for God to be with Katherine as she leads our worship this

morning and may Katherine know God is strengthening her in her work for Him.

Pray that we will all consider what we have heard, said and sung today and may it

impact us in the forthcoming week.

29th There are many homeless, disadvantaged and marginalised people in our region

and many Christians who seek to help and support them, such as the Salvation Army

and Bethany Christian Trust. Please ask God to strengthen all those involved in this

ministry so they may in turn provide the right assistance to meet the requirements of

those in need and help them to rebuild their lives.

30th Give thanks for all who attend Open House and who make it such a positive event

for our town.

Our Spring-Summer Eco Action Project will encourage all who are able to use old flower

pots and reuse yogurt cartons to grow cuttings of plants which we can give away at the

Tranent Gala. Pray that this will be an enjoyable project as we celebrate the wonders of

creation reflecting on verses in scripture, such as Psalm 96 v 12 'Let the fields be

jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.'